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At Italian Fork, we treasure our deep connections with Italy, the land of culinary wonders. Thanks to our cherished relationships with local artisans, we bring the finest flavors directly to your table in the USA. Our selection features only the best Balsamic vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, sourced from the heart of Italy where tradition and quality meet. Each bottle offers a taste of Italian heritage, crafted with age-old techniques passed down through generations. Explore our offerings and indulge in the true essence of Italy with every drizzle and dip. Join us in celebrating a rich history of flavor that transforms simple meals into gourmet experiences.

Balsamic Barrels - Italian Fork


Acetaia Castelli balsamics are obtained by Natural Raw Materials without any chemical
additives or artificial flavour. Cooked Grape Must is the First Ingredients together with the
passing of time and our experience. It is made with Lambrusso, Trebbiano and Spergola grapes
farmed on Acetaia Castelli’s land. The grapes are squeezed, cooked on fire for days and
matured in wood barrels during the winter. Aged in 7 different kinds of wood barrels to give
the balsamic an extraordinary bouquet of aromas and a truly unique and unforgettable taste.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The olive tree estate is 120 acres that are native to the land; Coratina, Frantoio, Leccino & Pecholine. A fascinating estate integrated in a biological environment with pure air and optimal
water irrigation. Our oil mill is self-sufficient thanks to sun panels and incredible direct sunlight.
The mill produces extra virgin olive oil without producing CO2 emissions. Olives are harvested
October to December with a gentle and old fashion method that does not modify the olive oil.

End result is incredible fresh and award winning extra virgin olive oil.

Goditi I Nostri Prodotti

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