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Italian Fork

Buon Cibo * Buon Vino * Buon Amici

Good Food * Good Wine * Good Friends

About Italian Fork

Discover the rich, golden splendor of our premium olive oil at Italian Fork. Cultivated from the finest groves and cold-pressed to preserve the pure flavors and health benefits, our olive oil is a testament to tradition and quality. Perfect for culinary enthusiasts and health-conscious gourmets alike, our olive oil enhances any dish, offering a touch of Mediterranean luxury with each drop. Explore our range and experience the true essence of nature in your kitchen.

Trittico Tradizionali Reggio

Enjoy Our Special Recommendations

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Olive Oil

2023-24 Harvested Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Award Winning - First Pressed - The flavor olive oil is like no other flavor oil you have tasted before.

Balsamic - Italian Fork


Aged - Thick - No artficials or Thickners - There are very few mills that grow their own grapes and produce balsamic. This balsamic is truly unique and wonderful.



Pasta that is truly healthy for you and tasty - Made with hard wheat and water only. 
Thought about getting married in Tuscany - I have the perfect venue.

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